Hospital Ancillary Services

To maximize revenue, Foundation HealthCare analyzes the demographic and competitive landscape of each project to determine the value of implementing complimentary service lines. By including additional service lines in a surgical environment, Foundation facilities provide a more convenient and comprehensive visit for the patient and improved service offerings for the physician.

Sleep Labs

  • Full-service, comprehensive sleep programs including diagnostic evaluations, sleep studies and development of a patient follow-up plan to ensure compliance
  • Certified technicians to tailor each study to specific patient needs
  • Comfortable sleeping suites designed to reduce the anxiety which often interferes with the quality of a sleep study
  • Suite surrounded with the comforts of home, down to the pillow-top mattress, 300+ thread count sheets, remote control TV and attached private bathroom


  • Multi-place hyperbaric chamber delivering 100 percent oxygen to patients to stimulate rapid cell regeneration
  • Department treating patients with medically indicated conditions such as diabetic wounds, delayed radiation therapy wounds, non-healing surgical flaps and non-healing bone injuries
  • Chamber accommodating up to 12 patients at once
  • Trained technicians supervising both inside with patient and outside at controls at time of dive treatment
  • Specialized-trained staff working with referring physicians to coordinate plan of care to achieve best possible outcomes

Intra-operative Monitoring

  • Provides real-time information to the interpreting physician, who has direct communication to the surgeon, ensuring the nervous system and brain remain unaffected by surgical procedures
  • Reduces the risk of paralysis or permanent sensory loss following surgical procedures involving the spinal cord or brain
  • CNIM certified or eligible IOM technologists
  • Offers physicians and the hospital a superior alternative to that which is currently in the marketplace

Full Line Imaging

  • Diagnostic imaging equipment specific to needs of the hospital from core RF / Fluoroscopy imaging to ultra sound, CT and MRI
  • Capability to perform routine medical imaging exams including specialized orthopedic and neuro-spine imaging
  • Digital imaging supported at all hospital facilities
  • Capability to view digital images in person and remotely through Foundation’s health information systems

Physical Therapy

  • Spacious therapy facilities focused on inpatient and outpatient therapy wellness
  • Hospitals equipped according to needs of their patients and surgical case specialization
  • Equipment ranges from treadmills, weight machines, recumbent bikes, acquatic therapy to modalities that assist with pain control including ultrasound, e-stimulation and traction therapy.

Robotic Surgery

  • Innovative procedures designed to provide faster recovery and improved surgical outcome for patients
  • Supports surgeons in their quest for state of the art technology, thus enhancing surgical precision
  • Access to multiple robotic surgery vendors to compliment various specialties


  • Full services labs providing best-in-class, industry leading Urine Drug Screening (UDS) confirmation services
  • Committed to exceeding the needs of your drug monitoring and compliance programs
  • Provides comprehensive, clinical, quantitative urine drug testing through un-paralleled service and support
  • State of the art testing technology combined with our exceptional clinical, administrative, operations and support personnel are the main factors that ensure the service and experience is supreme

Wound Care

  • Using a team of multidisciplinary specialists and state-of-the art wound care techniques, the wound center achieves some of the best healing rates and fastest healing times in the nation
  • The opportunity to participate in clinical trials utilizing the latest wound care products, dressings, and antibiotics not yet available to the general public.
  • Treatment of Diabetic Ulcers, Venous Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers, Radiation Wounds, Tramatic Wounds, Non-healing Surgical Wounds, First and second degree burns and Cellulitis